Mantrailing - More than Scent

This is a talk I gave live at the Virtual Dog Conference 2021 on Facebook. Unfortunately, the Internet connection broke down, so the talk stopped somewhere in the middle. I recorded the end later, so here you will find the talk in two parts. 


There is always so much more going on in training than meets the eye, so I focus here on these more non-technical aspects of Mantrailing in my talk, e.g. how emotions (of dog and human) influence the search; how we can support and encourage each dog in its individual way of searching and learning; the importance of (unconscious and conscious) communication with the handler; what else the dog has to process (besides scent) and how the handler can support the dog; what stress signals the dog shows and how we deal with them; how the relationship (and other treatment of the dog) with the handler affects the search.

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Katharina Pieper

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