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Find the knowledge you need to live a harmonious life with your dog.
Special topics: Mantrailing and Scentwork

The emotional Live of our Dogs

Emotions drive behaviour - the more we know about our dogs' emotions and needs that underlie behaviour, the better we can help our dogs cope with the challenges that modern life imposes on our dogs.
You can find here courses and webinars on various topics that help you understand what is going on inside your dog and how to build a secure bond with your dog.

Mantrailing and Scentwork

Discover the world of scent together with your dog - especially with Mantrailing the dog can fully develop his nose talent and your relationship is strengthened. We offer courses and webinars to acquire the theoretical knowledge you need for successful Mantrailing training.

Kat's Blog

Find out what's new in the world of science that is relevant to understanding our dogs and living with them. In Kat's blog you will find many interesting articles and videos on all kinds of topics.